You are hereby cordially invited to bianca's 4th Birthday party!

Saturday, Feb 21st
9pm - 2am
The International Ballroom
50 Oak, at the corner of Market and Van Ness

Refreshments will be served
Smutty ballroom attire suggested
(21 and over please. Please bring your valid ID to the party)

It's bianca's Ballroom Birthday Bash!

Since Feb 1994, bianca has been bringing love and merriment to the web and to the world. Come celebrate bianca's 4th birthday in the most beautiful space she's ever had the honor of hosting. Columns, altars, powder rooms, and a movie theater. Make overs, kissing booths, spankings and dueling cheese grillers. Bring yourselves, bring your friends, and wear your smuttiest ballroom attire! This space deserves it, and bianca will love you!

Well... bianca will love you regardless, so come wearing as much or as little as you'd like. If you've received bianca's love on the web, at Burningman, on her international tour, or... elsewhere, you know how beautiful her bashes are. If you haven't yet received the love, make sure not to miss this opportunity.

See you in the ballroom! And remember...